Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MAC Makeup Haul | Recent Makeup Purchases

Welcome back dolls! I wanted to hop on here and show you some of my recent mac makeup purchases. These goodies are just things that caught my eye within the past month, and other things I needed to stock up on. Stay tuned here to see more cute pictures. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE THEM ;)

After years, I finally decided to re purchase my mac studio fix powder in nc25. This power used to be one of my favorites but with all of the setting powder craze within the past two years I completely forgot about this powder and neglected it. I am so happy to have it again because it truly is a staple in my everyday routine now. 

Of course I also had to pick up my trusty pro longwear concealer. This mac concealer is LIFE ITSELF. YA NEED IT GURL! It makes my under eyes look so flawless. Since I know you want to know, I wear color NW 20.

another staple you'll see in the over all image above is fix +. Who doesn't need fix plus? Enough said.

You're probably wondering what the nude pencil above is eh? I went ahead and gave in to buying a nude eyeliner. I always used white in my waterline before but I truly love the nude color so much more! The pencil I picked up is a MAC technakhol liner in Risque.

Now for all of the fun sturfff!

I know you're probably staring at that eyeshadow like OMFG I NEED THAT! Gurl I got you. The eyeshadow above is called TILT. I picked it up inside the mac pro store so I am not sure if you can get it at a counter but you can for sure order it online. It's the most gorgeous blue shade with purple iridescence.

Let me tell you a little somethin somethin... anytime you find me inside a mac pro store, I'm probably going to buy glitter lmao. The glitter above is Mac's Reflect glitter in pink. I originally wanted reflect pearl but as always, it's sold out (insert crying emoji here). I purchased this pink one thanks to a BOMB ASS artist in the pro store. I attended a master class by him and he used this glitter on his model's eyes and BAM I was sold. Shout out to you boo <3 He is literally AMAZING.

Lastly I got the Viva Glam Ariana lip gloss. I don't think I need to explain why, the swatch photo says it all. GLITTER. (honestly considering buying a backup).

Those were all the goods! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Don't forget to follow me either on google plus, blogger, bloglovin. Or just submit your email in the sidebar to get updates!.

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Okay TATA for now Glamfam <3

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

$1 Makeup Organization | How I organize my makeup

If you follow me around on periscope or snapchat you'll know I am huge on organizing! I love organizing my makeup the most. I went to Daiso (a 100 Yen Japanese store) and immediately spotted the most ADORABLE makeup organizers. You can see above that they're baby pink with a floral design and absolutely perfect for organizing makeup. On periscope I had originally used the cute pink daiso organizers inside of my drawer unit but I decided to just re arrange them and use them in my main drawer for my everyday makeup. I cannot express to you guys how handy these $1 organizers are. I will show you a few more close ups below. I also decided to use a few of them for my blush drawer since they fit my blush compacts perfectly. Now I know you guys will be wondering what on earth happened to my hot pink organizers I found at daiso this summer? They were also put to use! As you can see I use $1 organizers from daiso for my entire makeup collection! not only are they functional, but they are affordable and so much cuter than any other organizers I have found.
You can purchase Daiso Organizers off the Daiso Website (
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

5 Beauty Hacks Using a Credit Card

Welcome back GlamFam <3 I did a different type of video last week. Don't throw away your old gift cards from christmas! Use them to help you achieve a clean makeup application. These credit card hacks will save your life! Plus who doesn't love a good beauty hack on their hands?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Haul | Inexpensive planner supplies

Hi #GlamFam! So today we are going to go through the enormous dollar spot things I hauled last week. The Target dollar spot always gets me with how adorable their stationary is and how everything is $1-$3. Let me know in the comments if you have found any of the items I did at the target dollar spot, or if you will go hunting for some goodies after watching this video.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Gel Pens

If you are a target dollar spot junkie as I am, you may have spotted if not own many of these adorable heart gel pens. I have collected these over the past year. They are super cute and best of all, one dollar!

although the multi colored pens looks bright and adorable, they are a bit deceiving. The ink inside of them is definitely not accurate to the color of the outside. You will see below the difference. You will also notice some of the pens write a bit too light to actually be able to read, so I would only recommend those for decorating your planner or notes. Sadly, my light pink pen would not write for the life of me! I tried everything.

They are one dollar so I cannot complain too much about them but I do wish the ink was a bit better quality since it does get stuck sometimes (due to them being roller ball pens). Before you go, here's an idea. Since the pens are so inexpensive (one dollar for three of them). Why not keep the pen bodies, and switch out the inks for better quality ones? eeeehhh? lol. I will be doing that with mine for sure!